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SEO & Lead Generation

Strategic and Data driven approach to website traffic and lead gen.

  • 30 min
  • Online

Service Description

Technical SEO 1. Optimizing Site Structure and Navigation 2. Optimizing URL Structure 3. Breadcrumbs Navigation 4. Setting up Crawling, Rendering, and Indexing 5. Spot Indexing Issues 6. Internal Link to “Deep” Pages. 7. Eliminating Thin and Duplicate Content 8. Use of Canonical URLs 9. Optimizing the PageSpeed 10. Structured Data setup Off-page SEO 1. Laying out your internal pages 2. Identifying thematic keywords 3. Get Relevant, Authority, and User-Friendly Backlinks 4. Broken link correction 5. Create content and optimize for the users first 6. Diversify anchor texts

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