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How Gen Z Broke the Marketing Funnel: Let's Market with Rizz!

The Gen Z Consumer Behavior: What They Want and How to Engage Them

Understanding Gen Z Consumers

As a business owner, understanding your target audience is crucial. When your audience is Gen Z, you need to be prepared for a generation that is discerning about what they consume. Gen Z is a vigilant and active consumer base, very aware of brand authenticity and community engagement. Meeting their desires for extensive research, genuine influence, and exclusive content can significantly enhance a brand’s appeal to this influential demographic.

Recent research by Vogue Business highlights how Gen Z has disrupted the conventional marketing funnel. The traditional linear "consumer funnel" no longer applies to Gen Z, who have different priorities and influences. Here’s how they are built differently:

Key Insights on Gen Z Priorities

Community is Key:

  • 54% of Gen Z prefer brands that foster a sense of community.

  • Building a community around your brand can create loyal customers who feel important and valued.

Trust Through Research:

  • 70% of Gen Z and 69% of millennials trust brands only after personal research.

  • Providing transparent and detailed information about your products can build trust and credibility.

Skeptical of Brands:

  • 56% of Gen Z believe brands misrepresent their products, more so than 47% of millennials.

  • Authenticity and honest communication are essential to gain their trust.

Influence Matters:

  • 40% of Gen Z rely on online influencer reviews, compared to 31% of millennials.

  • Collaborating with genuine influencers who align with your brand values can enhance credibility and reach.

Need for Independence:

  • 45% of Gen Z won’t purchase without independent information or reviews.

  • Encouraging independent reviews can reassure potential customers about the quality of your products.

Coolness Factor:

  • 55% of Gen Z find exclusive content like behind-the-scenes videos or tutorials makes a brand cooler.

  • Offering unique and engaging content can make your brand stand out and appeal to Gen Z’s desire for exclusivity.

Now that we know more about Gen Z culture and behavior, let’s be inclusive and delve into better marketing strategies that cater to Gen Z as well.

What Gen Z Looks For:

  • Belonging: Create a community through connection.

  • Connection: Establish genuine connections with your audience.

  • Engagement in the Brand’s Journey: Involve customers in your brand’s story and development.

  • Value Beyond the Product: Provide value that goes beyond the product itself, such as educational content or social impact initiatives.

To effectively market to Gen Z, brands must connect with this generation and build lasting relationships. Let’s apply these insights to connect and grow with Gen Z!

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