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Not just a platform for personal communication!

Twitter is one of the top platforms to keep up with the latest trends and conversations. Twitter began in 2006 as an online message board that was updated via text message. Since then, it's grown into one of the largest social networks, boasting more than 300 million users who combine to produce 500 million tweets daily.

Marketers have been slow to catch on to Twitter, though. Recent reports estimate that only 65% of businesses use the platform for advertising, which gives you plenty of time to get ahead before the rest of the competition arrives.

Once you’ve got a handle on using Twitter organically, it’s time to level up and run your first ad campaign.

Twitter Marketing

You may already be using Twitter on a daily basis to follow your favourite brands and take part in trending conversations. But what about using Twitter for your business?

Perhaps you understand the benefits of Twitter but are not sure how exactly to use it for your business. Understanding how the platform works and how it fits into your overall social media strategy is the key to success.

Let us point out some of the benefits of Twitter marketing,

and you will know the importance of it by then!

1. Rank Higher in SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages)

2. Brand Recognition

3. Loyal Customer Base

4. Target Marketing

5. Hashtags

6. Retweet

Hopefully, you will get a clearer idea of how these benefits of Twitter can add value to your marketing. If you’re not sure where to start with using Twitter for your business, Connect with us and let us guide you to success!


Twitter Profile Creation & Management

Analyze your Impact and Results on Twitter

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Facebook Pixel & Conversion API Integration

Retargeting through Facebook

Website integration with Facebook

Facebook Instagram Ads A/B testing

Landing Page optimization for Facebook

Facebook Business Consultation

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Why Twitter Marketing is important for your Business?

330 Million

Quite the platform for businesses just getting started in the social media marketing space.

35 Minutes

The average time spent daily by an user in Twitter is about 35 minutes.

58 Percent

A 58% drop in marketing costs is seen for brands move to Facebook

Why choose Alchemy for your Instagram Marketing Service?

  • Facebook certified Digital Marketers.

  • Ran over 1600 campaigns on Facebook

  • Handled client budgets from Rs. 500/- to 30,00,000/- for a single campaign.

  • Versatile industry experience including Education, Government, retail, Health, Personal Branding, Celebrity Management, Pharma, and more.

  • Dedicated Client Relationship Executive

  • Flexible pricing plans for Campaign Management.

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