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Steps to boost your Domain Authority

Greetings, fellow digital marketing enthusiasts!

Today, we are back with a new topic: Steps to boost your domain authority.

Fancy! Right?

Ok, let’s dive in.

In simple terms, domain authority refers to the relevance of a particular domain in its industry/subject area. So, domain authority is more like being an expert/ epitome of your industry in the real world. In this blog, we are going to cover the following topics.

What is Domain Authority?

The best players in search engine optimization have introduced many tools to make the web a better place. The domain authority concept was introduced by Moz. Technically, domain authority is a search engine ranking score. Many scoring algorithms are available on the web, like Alexa ranking, google page rank tool, domain rating checker, etc.

Before going any further, understand this very clearly. Domain authority score will never ensure your ranking in Google or other search engines. Consider the domain authority checker of Moz as a mock test. After taking the test, you will be confident about the final test in college. You will get to know what questions are about to ask in the final exams. And the real test is going to be from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Domain authority score is not a metric to rank higher in a search engine but a guideline or support mechanism to rank higher in SERP. Domain authority score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the mark, the more likely you are to get top positions in SERP. That being said, we can move to the “HOW” part of domain authority.

The concept of Domain Authority

As mentioned in this blog, domain authority scores range from 1 to 100. A newly built website will have a domain authority score of 1.

Please note that your aim is not to consistently increase the score from 1 to 100. Because a medium website with moderate traffic cannot obtain a 100 domain authority score.

Instead, you should aim to identify a good competitor in your domain, identify their digital presence, analyze their linking structure, study their content, consistently look for the health of their top-performing pages, and make a strategy to beat their performance.

Steps to boost your Domain Authority

  1. List down your keywords.

Understanding the most-searched keywords in your industry and the most relevant keywords that trigger your product in the industry is the most important discovery when it comes to SEO.

We can understand that by using simple keyword planner tools in Google or a Google trend analysis.

  1. Understand your competition

After segregating the keywords, the next big step is understanding the appropriate competitor. Make sure that you compare yourself with the right ones. (Categorically similar sites)


  1. SERP analysis feature on keyword explorer

  2. Simply Google the keyword and list down all the websites that are listed. If a website consistently ranks in most of the keywords you have searched, that might be a good competitor for your category.

  3. Once you have identified all your competitors, analyze their site size, content, and domain authority.

3. Check and compare link profiles

Check for the total number of links coming to the website and the competitor websites. Mainly, check for the following:

  1. Domain authority of the external websites from which the links are coming.

  2. The “follow” permission of the links they are sending. The links can be “follow” or “no-follow” as per the business policy of the linking website. We need to have a maximum number of “follow links on our website.

  3. The number of broken links on the website. For each broken link:

    1. Return a proper 404 page immediately

    2. Redirect to a page with similar content.

    3. Or contact the external website to change the link address.

4. Create Good content to attract great links

  1. Compare your top pages with your competitors.

  2. Make sure that your top pages are active and accessible

  3. Promote your top pages and content with the good old-fashioned link-building method.

Other factors:

Domain name selection.

The easiest way to get authority in any industry is to have a domain name that reminds the audience about that industry. Say, for example, you have a restaurant in the name of cloud nine. You can have your website domain name us or The second one is closer to the industry and has a better chance of ranking higher.


The best way to improve your Domain Authority score is to improve your overall SEO. In which much priority should be given to Link Building. You should get inbound links from websites that have higher domain authority. Websites like Wikipedia, Newsportals, etc., have higher domain authority value compared to that of a small blog from your town. Try to get high-quality links from better websites. Simply, better-known people should say about you gain trust in the real world. Similar way, more popular websites should talk about your website to gain the trust of this Domain authority algorithm.


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