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Guide for Business Owners: Generating ChatGPT Prompts for Keyword-Optimized Business Reviews


Create authentic, personalized reviews of [Business Name]’s services or products using ChatGPT to boost keyword relevance and establish the business as an industry leader. These reviews should reflect individual customer experiences, mentioning specific aspects that contributed to their satisfaction or success.

Instructions for Business Owners

1. Length: Aim for each review to be approximately 50-100 words.

2. Tone: Ensure the reviews sound natural and conversational, as if written by real customers.

ChatGPT Prompt Template

Prompt Structure

Generate a 50-100 word review for [Business Name].

The review should sound natural and conversational, reflecting a real customer experience. Include the following elements:

  1. Personal Touch: Start with a personal note about the customer’s needs or challenges prior to using [Business Name]’s services/products.

  2. Specific Service/Product Mention: Include details about specific services/products offered by [Business Name], such as “[Service/Product 1],” “[Service/Product 2],” etc.

  3. Location Reference: If relevant, mention the location to emphasize local search relevance.

  4. Staff Praise: Comment on the professionalism, expertise, or attentiveness of the staff or service providers.

  5. Resource Quality: Discuss the quality and impact of any additional resources provided, like materials, consultations, or follow-up services.

  6. Outcome Focused: Highlight the positive outcomes experienced by the customer, such as satisfaction, problem resolution, or achievement of specific goals.

  7. Keyword Integration: Naturally incorporate relevant keywords such as [Keyword 1], [Keyword 2], [Keyword 3], [Keyword 4], [Keyword 5].

  8. Unique Selling Points (USPs): Mention what makes [Business Name] stand out, such as “[Unique Feature]” or “[Special Service].” Use the following placeholders for details:-

[Business Name]

- [Service/Product 1]

- [Service/Product 2]

- [Location]

- [Keyword 1]

- [Keyword 2]

- [Keyword 3]

- [Keyword 4]

- [Keyword 5]

- [Unique Feature]

- [Special Service]

Example ChatGPT Prompts

Prompt Example 1:

Generate a 50-100 word review for "SunnyTech Solutions." The review should sound natural and conversational, reflecting a real customer experience. Include the following elements:

1. Personal Touch: "As a small business owner, I struggled with managing IT issues before finding SunnyTech Solutions."

2. Specific Service/Product Mention: "Their network management service"

3. Location Reference: "based in San Francisco"

4. Staff Praise: "Their team is incredibly professional and always available."

5. Resource Quality: "The additional IT consultation sessions were extremely helpful."

6. Outcome Focused: "Now, my business runs smoothly without any IT disruptions."

7. Keyword Integration: "IT solutions, network management, San Francisco, professional team, smooth operations."

8. Unique Selling Points (USPs): "What makes SunnyTech Solutions stand out is their 24/7 support and tailored IT solutions."

Use these placeholders for details:-

[Business Name]: SunnyTech Solutions

- [Service/Product 1]: network management service

- [Location]: San Francisco

- [Keyword 1]: IT solutions

- [Keyword 2]: network management

- [Keyword 3]: San Francisco

- [Keyword 4]: professional team

- [Keyword 5]: smooth operations

- [Unique Feature]: 24/7 support

- [Special Service]: tailored IT solutions

Prompt Example 2:

Generate a 50-100 word review for "HealthyLife Clinic." The review should sound natural and conversational, reflecting a real customer experience. Include the following elements:

1. Personal Touch: "After dealing with chronic back pain, I decided to visit HealthyLife Clinic."

2. Specific Service/Product Mention: "Their chiropractic treatment"

3. Location Reference: "located in downtown Chicago"

4. Staff Praise: "The staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring."

5. Resource Quality: "The follow-up exercises provided were effective."

6. Outcome Focused: "I've seen significant improvement in my back pain."

7. Keyword Integration: "chiropractic treatment, back pain relief, Chicago, knowledgeable staff, effective follow-up."

8. Unique Selling Points (USPs): "What makes HealthyLife Clinic unique is their holistic approach to treatment."

Use these placeholders for details:-

[Business Name]: HealthyLife Clinic

- [Service/Product 1]: chiropractic treatment

- [Location]: downtown Chicago

- [Keyword 1]: chiropractic treatment

- [Keyword 2]: back pain relief

- [Keyword 3]: Chicago

- [Keyword 4]: knowledgeable staff

- [Keyword 5]: effective follow-up

- [Unique Feature]: holistic approach

- [Special Service]: n/a

Result Expectation

The generated reviews should provide prospective customers with a compelling, keyword-rich depiction of the quality and effectiveness of [Business Name]’s offerings, encouraging them to consider purchasing or using the services.

Usage Instructions

Replace placeholders such as [Business Name], [Service/Product 1], and [Keyword 1] with specific details relevant to the business.

Adapt the tone and content guidelines as necessary to match the style and ethos of the business.

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